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SGC conference 2023

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Jun 05

We and two others from the Church we are in in Blairgowrie were there. We found the positive attitude great. The whole thing was moving and a reminder of what revival is. Inclusion of prayer ministry inspiring. My wife has mobility problems and some pain. She stood during the Sat. Morning prayer ministry and the bad pain in her back has completely gone,which is wonderful. All four of us have been uplifted and encouraged. The emphasis on being older but still having a ministry was great. Just reading that chapter in the book.

Please can we have more?!

Also well run and everyone friendly and caring.

Thank you to the whole team.

Who would have foreseen this in Aberdeen days.

Brian Dingwall



Jun 04

We pray you were Blessed and Encouraged by this years SGC in Perth. We would love to hear from you so please leave a comment for the SG team... 😀

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